Homemade Cider Doughnuts

Hot off the press!

One of the greatest parts of a new season is the change in food. With the help of Stonewall kitchen, we felt confident in trying to make our own cider doughnuts.

Stonewall Kitchen “Apple Cider Doughnut Mix” (avaliable at Valley Forge Flowers), butter, a large egg, milk, mixing bowl and pumpkin caramel sauce (we added this as a dip).

Let’s get started!

Beat the egg in the bowl

Add remainder of ingredients and mix until smooth



Heat up the press and butter it up!

There are a couple options for the actual cooking of the doughnuts. You can use a doughnut cooker/ press (pictured above or doughnut oven trays. Seasoned vets can use a frier. As first time doughnut makers, we went for the system that looked the easiest. Indeed, this press by Stonewall Kitchen was very easy. The dough yields between a dozen and two dozen doughnuts.


Using 2 spoons we scooped about 2-3 TBSP into each slot. Let sit for about 5 minutes. While the doughnuts cooked, we prepared the glaze.

The doughnut box comes with a sugar + cinnamon mixture. We melted 1/2 stick of unsalted butter. It is a dip and powder type of glaze.


After 5-6 minutes the doughnuts were ready to come out. The dough had turned a beautiful golden brown and was not burnt or cooked uneven. We had a dozen perfectly cooked little doughnuts.

We didn’t even wait for those puppies to cool- into the butter bath! Hilly stumbled with the transferring of the doughnuts in and out of the glaze dishes but eventually got the hang of it. *Warning!* Doughnuts are slippery when wet!


By the time we got our doughnuts into the heavenly smelling fall spice-sugar mixture, we were drooling over our perfect little creations.


The finished product was absolutely delicious. Not overly sweet and a nice balance of spice. Great alone, with coffee or dipped in the pumpkin caramel sauce for an extra special treat.

By the end of this project, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. The haunting aroma that traveled through out the store had these delectable pastries flying off the plate. We reccomend this to anyone. A great saturday morning activity with the kids, an easy holiday dessert, or even a rainy afternoon recipe for the inexperienced baker. Stonewall kitchen offeres a variety of different recipes such as blueberry glaze, chocolate frosted and more. You really can’t go wrong! Happy baking!