December Signature Chef Evening


A Northern Italian Holiday Meal
Thursday, December 17th, 6-8PM
$50 per person. BYOB.
Limited to 14 guests.

Master Sommelier and Private Chef Marco Avigo will bring his birthplace in the Northern Region of Italy to us for this special Italian experience. Experience one of Marco’s family dinners in honor of Italy’s “Holy Day” complete with a “secret family recipe” dessert handed down to him. Leave the evening with a fantastic Italian experience – but not the secret recipe!
$50 per person, limited to 14 guests. BYOB.
Call to RSVP! 610-687-5566

About me, I grew up inside restaurant family business. I was 7 years old when my father opened the first restaurant and I owned my restaurant for 15 years. The restaurant “Gallo d’Oro” was classified one of the best restaurants in Lombardy region for five years. I had a wine list with over 400 labels and a single malt list with 72 single malts. I am not a professional chef but I start to cook at the age of 15 and I learned trough the experiences of all the chefs that worked for my father and for me. The menu represents a typical menu for the holidays from North Italy and includes some classic, old recipes and some new interpretations of classic dishes.

Chef’s Appetizers Plate
-Swordfish carpaccio with salad, fennel and grapefruit
-Shrimp with coconut milk and curry
-Cherry tomato filled with Tuna mousse
-Marinated Cod in saor (old Venetian recipe)
-Scallops pomegranate and Leek over Cannellini puree

First Course
-Risotto with Radicchio

Second Course
-Shrimp “Busera style” (old recipe from Friuli region)

-Marco’s Tiramisu

Call The Barn to RSVP! 610-687-5566


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