4th of July Party!

The 4th of July you can go OVER KILL with the good ole RED, WHITE and BLUE! Another one of those time of years where you shouldn’t be afraid to be tacky. There is a time and place to be tacky and certain holidays scream for GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! Going over the top makes for a fun and festive party! Flowers in either, monochromatic (Barb’s favorite), or one type of flower. Put them in a pitcher, no need to go to the store- look around your house, see what you have. We found this blue pitcher. We added some green to make the other flower colors really pop. Consider the green as a neutral.

Accessorize in the same theme! Here we have blue and white linen- very inexpensive and easy. This one here is from TAG and sold at Valley Forge Flowers. A lot of companies put out some reasonably priced table wear so there is no need to break the bank to make it look really fun. Paper napkins help set the tone as well, accessorize right through the candles. It is easy to find candle sticks this time of year, stick them into the ground, add to garden plants or flower arrangements. Paper lanterns you can hang from beams, pop up tents, around railings inside or outside. You don’t even need to put lights in them, just the effect of that lantern (although originally made for lights) makes it fun. There is an LED we sell here at Valley Forge, that you don’t have to connect, it just drops right into the paper lantern if you want to go for the glowing look. It won’t light up the area, but it adds a playful ambient feel.

Find your flags NOW! It is always hard to find flags for the 4th of July on the 3rd of July. They are everywhere now, get them while you can! Add flags to any place they will stick, it is the icing on the cake to your festive party. Ribbon is also great, you can wrap it around food baskets, accessories (tie your napkins) or anywhere you please.

Don’t forget to even dress the part yourself. From shoes to hats, you can even make the party more festive by going with the theme.

Have a safe holiday! Feel free to share your party photos on our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valley-Forge-Flowers/125546520822990 or on Twitter @Vf_Flowers!

Flowers Pictured:




Corn Flowers



White Freesia

Garden Roses


“Stay-cation” Furniture!

Utilize that outdoor empty space this summer and give yourself the most amazing stay-cation!

The original Uwharrie chair company is located in hot point North Carolina, where all good furniture is created. Uwharrie uses hand crafted selected domestically harvested pressure treated solid pine lumbar. No additional finished or treatments to compromise or hinder the natural aging process of the wood. Featured is an Adirondack chair from the Plantation Collection. This chair is available in 25 different colors and it also comes with a foot rest. The color shown is “rustic red”.

The children furniture is from the Nantucket Collection. It features two Adirondack chairs for the little ones, a table, two bench seats, and two picnic child chairs. Also available in 25 different color combinations. All Uwharrie furniture is also available with sumbello fabric cushions.

This furniture works best just plopped in the middle of your yard under a tree. It is very casual seating and also works well at the beach or around a fire pit. Lifetime guarantee on the wood against termites and decay. No need to bring the furniture in the winter, it is heavy and won’t blow away or become damaged.

Plants pictured in these photos:

Zinna, an annual grown from the cedar plant. It can grow to be about 2 feet tall. Good for summer cutting and has more of a rustic look and paprika color.

Duck Topiaries can be used in either part shade or part sun, They need to be hosed down every day when kept outside or in a sink every couple days when kept indoors.

Wire basket on table: Angelonia, a plant that loves the heat! It is in the snap dragon family, however this plant unlike the snap dragons loves the warm weather. The edge plant is calibrachoa, it is also an annual and has a elegant draping look.

In the back is Russian Sage, it has become very popular as a bedding plant in the last 5 years. it has a beautiful lavender flower and flowers for about 6-7 weeks in the summer.


Connie McMahon may be one of the newest additions to Valley Forge Flowers, but certainly not new to the sales and design business.  Connie came from a business background where she was facilities manager for a top German industrial sensor company for 20 years.   Creating and designing a pleasant work environment was her main objective.  As a side interest and real passion, she had a small design business coupled with an antique business in the Lancaster County area.  After an early retiirement, she worked with designer Nancy White of the former Nancy White Interiors in the same shopping center as Valley Forge Flowers.  An easy transition followed into the most exciting place to shop on the Mainline.  Connie’s approach to design is simple, let the client guide you to where they want to go and she’ll get the ball rolling!  Make no mistake about it . . . she can make it happen whether it’s a perfect gift item, accessorizing your home or creating an outdoor living space.  Valley Forge Flowers has much more to offer than fabulous flowers!

Design Trend: Monochromatic color and Herbs

Design trend has lots of different looks but one of the very popular looks right now is a monochromatic single flower style. For example, a sunflower and mint arrangement. We picked the mint out of our herb garden, and just a collection of sunflowers in a very simple vessel. Barb took a glass vase and tied burlap to the base of the vase for a really sheik yet simple classic look. Easy for mixing into  contemporary or traditional look, very classic in a style that will never go away. So if you are looking for something that you want to really have an impact of statement, pick single color and or just one type of flower. It is going to give you a lot of punch, look and style, and SO simple!

It is a look you will never tire of, so instead of trying to think too hard, keep it simple and it always works out. Pick your color, pick a flower and go with it!

Pick a vessel for your one type of flower, again try to keep it really really simple. Barb grabbed a basic terra-cotta pot for this next arrangement. You will not be able to put water directly into the terra-cotta pot so either put a glass vase inside your pot or line it with heavy gage tin foil. Just put your vessel into the terra-cotta pot. One type of a flower gives you that decorator look and it is very little effort. When you don’t have to pick more than one thing, life is simple. You can use anything as a container, whether it was a bucket that you used for painting something, a water pail, it just looks better to put your flowers into a container that you might have just laying around the house. It doesn’t look too contrived when you just take an arrangement, take flowers either from the flower shop of maybe cut from your garden, put them in a pot from your garage, pull it out and you have a great flower arrangement.

Sunflowers are good any time of year and are generally available. The herbs are a great flower for the summer. If you can’t find a flower and you can’t make up your mind, go green! Just herbs look fabulous! You can find them anywhere, you can get them at super markets (or of course at Valley Forge Flowers), and grow an herb garden is the perfect addition to any flower arrangement. A flower like sunflowers don’t have a scent, so adding herbs to sunflowers gives you that light fragrance that is really refreshing.

Pictured Above:


Pink Peaonies

Mint, Lavender, Purple Sage

Just an herb arrangement is an incredible look, will smell amazing, and you don’t have to worry about if it is going to match the linens. If you are bringing it as a hostess gift, it is great because you don’t have to think about what look you are trying to match. Also, herbs are something you can use! They are going to last in cut flowers for about a week and you can use them as an ingredient in your dishes. An herb arrangement not only looks pretty but it is something that you can really use through out the week while making your home made dinners!

One type of herb is great, but you can also do a collection of herbs. The different types of herbs are going to give you lots of different textures in your center piece. Texture is great but keep it simple, don’t fuss over it, its a great look. Growing an herb garden doesn’t require a lot of work and gives you an abundance of plants from which to cut from all the way into the fall to the first frost. You can also use it for cooking. So something like this you can have on your counter all the time! Once you have it, you won’t be able to live without it!



The View from the Top: Rooftop Garden at The Kimmel Center

When you think of music and Philadelphia, you think of the The Kimmel Center. That is why Valley Forge Flowers was more than thrilled to create stunning arrangements for a party to celebrate the Hamilton Garden.

The garden is on top of the Pearlman Theater and is about 30 feet under the glass dome. Unfortunately, the heat of the sun and noise originally made the space hard to use. Out of about 1200 requests to rent the space last year, it was only rented 8 times.

The Kimmel center decided to enclose the rooftop garden, add air conditioning, and make it sound proof. It is a very high tech look and Valley Forge wanted to reflect that in the flower arrangements.

There is a neon LED light panel that goes around the room and is able to change colors with the flip of a switch. This is also reflected in the flowers on the cocktail tables, (Pincushion Proteas), which had an LED light placed in the vase under the water to create a luminous appearance. The roof on the garden is clear glass that contains a type of chemical that enables it to become black to block out the heat of the sun. A push of a button and the desired opacity is reached. The space is also on a floating floor, made of springs, so that any vibration from dancing and music will not travel through the rest of the building.


Pincushion Protea

Calla Lily

Wheat grass


Ornithogalum/ Star of Bethlehem


Snap Dragons






Summer Wreaths

Summer is here! Steph from Valley Forge Flowers has made some great summer wreaths out of silk flowers to dress up your door.

Our first option is a fruit based wreath. This wreath has tomatoes, sage, basil, and turnips. It is more of a garden look. A great option if you want to do something other than flowers. It is also fun and has a great bright color. This is currently trending at the white house as one of the designers makes them for Obama out of vegetables from the garden. However, we promise the silk flowers will look just as good but for the whole summer!


If you want something with more of an impact, this one is for you! It packs a punch and has bright colors. This one has sunflowers, roses, dahlias (which are the big summer flower), poppies, peachy hydrangea (which generally blooms in august), lemons (for that citrus summery look), and cone flower.

Blue and white are the featured colors in our third example for summer wreaths. They are the colors of the fabulous ocean! These hydrangeas are refreshing and more subtle taste compared to the other wreaths. Steph also added cotton which is a classic southern summer flower.


Any of these wreaths or versions of them can be made for you in our store. For hours and location please visit our website at http://www.valleyforgeflowers.com or facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valley-Forge-Flowers/125546520822990

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Fabulous Teacher Gifts

For your favorite teacher, we have fabulous gift ideas for under $20 and $25!

They are all wonderful food items from Cafe Fluer featuring assorted candies, cookies, nuts, snacks, pastas, sauces,all kinds of great things that everybody would enjoy. Quick and easy fits are all wrapped up and ready to go- come on into the cafe! We can also custom make anything else that you would like.