Spring Cleaning…Minus the Cleaning

I view spring cleaning a bit differently than most, I leave out the “cleaning” and simply “bring spring in.”  Spring for me is all about scents, colors, and of course, flowers.

We have been counting the days, and now it is here – a new line of Lollia products.  My house is fully-stocked with their wonderful shower gels, candles, perfume, soaps and room sprays (come in and sample the wonderful scent collections). 3I5A0002

I made one of my favorite wreathes out of fresh Pussy Willow and it was sold before I could take it home!  Now that I made another and it is safely in my house, we have more ready for you to purchase here at Valley Forge Flowers.  And, we have added a pussy willow wreath workshop so sign-up and see how fun and easy it is to create this welcoming piece (Sunday April 13th – be sure to make a reservation, space fills quickly).


I also love to have cherry and apple blossoms branches around the house.   If you are lucky enough and have a blossoming tree in your yard, simply trim a few branches and place in a vase with water.  If the blooms have not flowered yet, you can “force” them by using warm water instead of cold.  This makes for a straightforward and elegant addition to any room.


I like to bring the colors of spring annuals into my home too.  Take a basket, or any container you like, and fill with potted pansies, lobelia, alyssum, primrose, and flowering bulbs.  There is nothing like having an instant blooming garden!  And the best part, you will spend so much time enjoying your spring oasis that you won’t miss that silly cleaning part a bit!

– Barbara


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