Refreshing Dessert Recipes: Lemon Curd

There is certainly something about lemon curd. It is sweet but also tangy as well as refreshing. Originally used in British cooking, it is more widely known as a scone spread in afternoon tea. If you would like to read about the history and try a lime curd recipe, check out this post from a fellow blogger:

We chose to use Stonewall Kitchen’s Lemon Curd. In our opinion, it is as close to perfect as lemon curd comes. You can find it here at Valley Forge Flowers.

Ice Cream Sunday- Kids love it!

French Vanilla Ice Cream, Lemon Curd, Fresh Blue Berries, Blueberry Syrup

We chose vanilla ice cream since it is a neutral flavor. If you want bolder, try strawberry for an extra fruity blast. We scooped the lemon curd over the ice cream. Lemon curd has a tendency to be slick, so we used the back of a spoon to indent the top of the ice cream so the curd could sit.

We added fresh blueberries and blueberry syrup.

Garnish with a mint leaf or just dig in!


Palette Refresher for Seafood Dinner

Thin and Crispy Lemon Cookies, Lemon Curd, Fresh Raspberries

Spread curd on cookies.

Add a couple raspberries and serve on a stylish plate!

Ultimate Summer Dessert!

Angel Food Cake, Lemon Curd, Fresh Whipped Cream, Blueberries, Peaches, Blueberry Syrup

Slice cake into 2″ pieces and toast in a toaster oven until crispy and accented in light brown.

Spread lemon curd on the warm cake and add a dollop of whipped cream.

Garnish with blueberries and peaches. Drizzle blueberry syrup on top or try a citrus infused balsamic vinaigrette.


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