Homemade Cork Place Holders

We thought we would mix it up a bit with this great project brought to you by Hilly!

Supplies (We bought everything from Michaels)

Corks (Leftover would be more authentic)

Lacy/ Decorative Design Stamps

Stamp Pad and Design Pen (We chose a chocolate color, black can look too harsh. Chose a rich, dark color that you love!)

Hot Glue Gun/ Hot Glue

Twine String

Textured Off-White Paper (on the thicker side)

1) Cut the paper into squares or rectangles. We folded our standard letter size sheet in half twice and cut! This made four equal rectangles.

2)Textures! We stamped the corks with some small stamps.


We also experimented with rolling the cork in the ink pad. The possibilities are endless!

3) Stamp the paper rectangles! We chose a part of the stamp we loved and repeated it along the edge of the paper. We tried using different pressures while stamping to add some dimension. Write name/numbers on cards with the design pen.

4) Once corks are dry, tie together using twine string. Tack together with hot glue if needed.

5) Slide Card in between corks. You can tack it with hot glue if you like.

Guaranteed to impress!

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