Plant Your Own Terrarium

Terrariums are extremely versatile and be easy customized for any persons taste. Hilly, our terrarium expert from Valley Forge Flowers, suggests first starting with choosing a container to plant in. You can use a tall glass canister, a terrarium, or something similar.

Mulch, pebbles, stones (any type of rock), moss and sand are all acceptable mediums to plant in- feel free to mix and match. Succulents are easy to grow and keep alive. You just need a place for the succulents to root. For a beach theme, collect sand, driftwood, sea glass, shark teeth, anything that represents your favorite shore getaway.  If you are feeling adventurous, add some colored sand or layer it in. Add the succulents- so easy and fabulous!

Below: Inside a BIG  terrarium! The possibilities are endless!

Succulents are similar to a cactus. They thrive best in environments that are well lit but are not a lot of work. All they generally require is a water spritz once a week. They have a rubbery texture and defined leaves.

Pictured below: add a novelty to personalize your terrarium. Sometimes it is fun to add holiday items. Check in with us at Valley Forge Flowers or your local garden store if you need help or advice on this project.

Remember to have fun! Who knew staying on top of the trend could be so easy and light hearted?

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