4th of July Party!

The 4th of July you can go OVER KILL with the good ole RED, WHITE and BLUE! Another one of those time of years where you shouldn’t be afraid to be tacky. There is a time and place to be tacky and certain holidays scream for GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! Going over the top makes for a fun and festive party! Flowers in either, monochromatic (Barb’s favorite), or one type of flower. Put them in a pitcher, no need to go to the store- look around your house, see what you have. We found this blue pitcher. We added some green to make the other flower colors really pop. Consider the green as a neutral.

Accessorize in the same theme! Here we have blue and white linen- very inexpensive and easy. This one here is from TAG and sold at Valley Forge Flowers. A lot of companies put out some reasonably priced table wear so there is no need to break the bank to make it look really fun. Paper napkins help set the tone as well, accessorize right through the candles. It is easy to find candle sticks this time of year, stick them into the ground, add to garden plants or flower arrangements. Paper lanterns you can hang from beams, pop up tents, around railings inside or outside. You don’t even need to put lights in them, just the effect of that lantern (although originally made for lights) makes it fun. There is an LED we sell here at Valley Forge, that you don’t have to connect, it just drops right into the paper lantern if you want to go for the glowing look. It won’t light up the area, but it adds a playful ambient feel.

Find your flags NOW! It is always hard to find flags for the 4th of July on the 3rd of July. They are everywhere now, get them while you can! Add flags to any place they will stick, it is the icing on the cake to your festive party. Ribbon is also great, you can wrap it around food baskets, accessories (tie your napkins) or anywhere you please.

Don’t forget to even dress the part yourself. From shoes to hats, you can even make the party more festive by going with the theme.

Have a safe holiday! Feel free to share your party photos on our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Valley-Forge-Flowers/125546520822990 or on Twitter @Vf_Flowers!

Flowers Pictured:




Corn Flowers



White Freesia

Garden Roses


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