Design Trend: Monochromatic color and Herbs

Design trend has lots of different looks but one of the very popular looks right now is a monochromatic single flower style. For example, a sunflower and mint arrangement. We picked the mint out of our herb garden, and just a collection of sunflowers in a very simple vessel. Barb took a glass vase and tied burlap to the base of the vase for a really sheik yet simple classic look. Easy for mixing into  contemporary or traditional look, very classic in a style that will never go away. So if you are looking for something that you want to really have an impact of statement, pick single color and or just one type of flower. It is going to give you a lot of punch, look and style, and SO simple!

It is a look you will never tire of, so instead of trying to think too hard, keep it simple and it always works out. Pick your color, pick a flower and go with it!

Pick a vessel for your one type of flower, again try to keep it really really simple. Barb grabbed a basic terra-cotta pot for this next arrangement. You will not be able to put water directly into the terra-cotta pot so either put a glass vase inside your pot or line it with heavy gage tin foil. Just put your vessel into the terra-cotta pot. One type of a flower gives you that decorator look and it is very little effort. When you don’t have to pick more than one thing, life is simple. You can use anything as a container, whether it was a bucket that you used for painting something, a water pail, it just looks better to put your flowers into a container that you might have just laying around the house. It doesn’t look too contrived when you just take an arrangement, take flowers either from the flower shop of maybe cut from your garden, put them in a pot from your garage, pull it out and you have a great flower arrangement.

Sunflowers are good any time of year and are generally available. The herbs are a great flower for the summer. If you can’t find a flower and you can’t make up your mind, go green! Just herbs look fabulous! You can find them anywhere, you can get them at super markets (or of course at Valley Forge Flowers), and grow an herb garden is the perfect addition to any flower arrangement. A flower like sunflowers don’t have a scent, so adding herbs to sunflowers gives you that light fragrance that is really refreshing.

Pictured Above:


Pink Peaonies

Mint, Lavender, Purple Sage

Just an herb arrangement is an incredible look, will smell amazing, and you don’t have to worry about if it is going to match the linens. If you are bringing it as a hostess gift, it is great because you don’t have to think about what look you are trying to match. Also, herbs are something you can use! They are going to last in cut flowers for about a week and you can use them as an ingredient in your dishes. An herb arrangement not only looks pretty but it is something that you can really use through out the week while making your home made dinners!

One type of herb is great, but you can also do a collection of herbs. The different types of herbs are going to give you lots of different textures in your center piece. Texture is great but keep it simple, don’t fuss over it, its a great look. Growing an herb garden doesn’t require a lot of work and gives you an abundance of plants from which to cut from all the way into the fall to the first frost. You can also use it for cooking. So something like this you can have on your counter all the time! Once you have it, you won’t be able to live without it!




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