The View from the Top: Rooftop Garden at The Kimmel Center

When you think of music and Philadelphia, you think of the The Kimmel Center. That is why Valley Forge Flowers was more than thrilled to create stunning arrangements for a party to celebrate the Hamilton Garden.

The garden is on top of the Pearlman Theater and is about 30 feet under the glass dome. Unfortunately, the heat of the sun and noise originally made the space hard to use. Out of about 1200 requests to rent the space last year, it was only rented 8 times.

The Kimmel center decided to enclose the rooftop garden, add air conditioning, and make it sound proof. It is a very high tech look and Valley Forge wanted to reflect that in the flower arrangements.

There is a neon LED light panel that goes around the room and is able to change colors with the flip of a switch. This is also reflected in the flowers on the cocktail tables, (Pincushion Proteas), which had an LED light placed in the vase under the water to create a luminous appearance. The roof on the garden is clear glass that contains a type of chemical that enables it to become black to block out the heat of the sun. A push of a button and the desired opacity is reached. The space is also on a floating floor, made of springs, so that any vibration from dancing and music will not travel through the rest of the building.


Pincushion Protea

Calla Lily

Wheat grass


Ornithogalum/ Star of Bethlehem


Snap Dragons







2 thoughts on “The View from the Top: Rooftop Garden at The Kimmel Center

  1. Very nicely done. In all regards….the explanation, the images, from the wide (establishing) shots to the detail ones. I liked the use of selective focus, selectively, as I tend to do, myself. Perhaps using more of the architectural elements, for context, might be my only input, with some of the close-ups, for stronger results. Great post.

    • Thanks for reading, Alex! The architecture photograph(s) are up on our Facebook. We try to have different content on each platform since most of our readers are driven from our Facebook page. Most of our readers want to see the flowers, however I do have some neat shots of the building.

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