Summer Wreaths

Summer is here! Steph from Valley Forge Flowers has made some great summer wreaths out of silk flowers to dress up your door.

Our first option is a fruit based wreath. This wreath has tomatoes, sage, basil, and turnips. It is more of a garden look. A great option if you want to do something other than flowers. It is also fun and has a great bright color. This is currently trending at the white house as one of the designers makes them for Obama out of vegetables from the garden. However, we promise the silk flowers will look just as good but for the whole summer!


If you want something with more of an impact, this one is for you! It packs a punch and has bright colors. This one has sunflowers, roses, dahlias (which are the big summer flower), poppies, peachy hydrangea (which generally blooms in august), lemons (for that citrus summery look), and cone flower.

Blue and white are the featured colors in our third example for summer wreaths. They are the colors of the fabulous ocean! These hydrangeas are refreshing and more subtle taste compared to the other wreaths. Steph also added cotton which is a classic southern summer flower.


Any of these wreaths or versions of them can be made for you in our store. For hours and location please visit our website at or facebook at

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