Tailgating Food


Whether you are attending a little league game, the Devon Horse Show or an outdoor concert, there is no better way to enjoy it by having a tailgate.


Rick’s Picks are delicious pickles from New York. Bread and Butter pickles are home made and great with a drink as well as an awesome condiment to any tail gate. We also have their Windy City Wasabi Beans which is a hand packed and all natural soy wasabi green bean pickle. They have a little kick and zest and make a nice nibble with a sandwich or with cheese and crackers.


To go with the pickles we have Busseto salamis. The “Robusto” (spicy) is a bit like a chorizo, “Con Vino” is a red wine salami and the “Herb de Provence” is a dried salami covered in wonderful french herbs and is also gluten free. These go fabulous with mini croccantini crackers, it is similar to an italian flat bread. They are low flat and a great compliment to the salamis. Bring a long your favorite mustard!


In addition, we love Krave jerky! Turkey jerky, pork jerky, and beef jerky in flavors like Chili Lime, Smokey Grilled Teriyaki, Sweet Chipotle, Pineapple Orange, and Basil Citrus. Protein packed and no artificial ingredients, no nitrates, low fat and a healthy snack to go with a cocktail, cheese or on their own. Great to satisfy any craving!




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