Outdoor Design

When you think of Valley Forge Flowers, think about your outdoor living space as well.

Valley Forge Flowers is not just about the inside of your home and making it beautiful, we now have a wonderful collection of outdoor furniture by Lane Venture and a line of custom pillows that are waterproof, stain resistant and mildew resistant by Elaine Smith. Both can be used inside or outside the home.

Lane Venture furniture has a 5 year warranty and the cushions all have a mesh base that water can thoroughly drain through and within 2-3 hours your furniture will be moisture free! A safe way to do your outdoors is to pick a neutral fabric and accent with the pillows. If you get tired of your look, you can change up the pillows. Generally you will see in the showrooms that designers are staying neutral in their outdoor furniture. Lane Venture comes in cast aluminum, synthetic wicker and a new line that looks like teak but is aluminum. They also offer a complete upholstered line of outdoor furniture which is perfect for a sunroom or covered patio (but works poolside too!).

The pillows pictured are part of the new Marrakech collection by Elaine Smith: Cashmere peacock and a red.

To complete the outdoor look, Valley Forge carries candle and battery operated lanterns. A great way to add a modern contemporary take to your patio. Some feature grape vine and others are a mesh wicker option. The fun part about theses lanterns is the ability to add color- they look great spray painted and can add an extra pop to your outdoor environment. They are great hung up or sitting on a table and come in various sizes from 12″ to 24″ in height.

Be sure to check out our bistro iron sets in addition to the upholstered outdoor furniture. We offer sets for both parents and children. These pieces look darling in your garden or nestled in your yard under a tree.


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