Delicious Prom Party Food

It is PROM SEASON…and time to throw a pre or post prom party! But no worries…Café Fleur offers great snack ideas for your seniors to nibble on..


Feridies 5 O’Clock crunch: a wonderful sweet and crunchy snack mix flavored with honey and cheddar. It is  a crispy, spicy and sweet snack mix filled with peanuts, goldfish and flaxseed chips. Everyone will love it!

Try our Rosemary Panzanella Flatbread  with any of our delicious cheeses:

Le Fromager Des Clarines: made with mountain milk and has a smooth creamy texture with a little white truffle butter flavor.Serve at room temp.

Cheddar with Caramelized Onions: extremely flavorful chock full of caramelized onion bits.

Grana di Bufala a Sheep and cows milk cheese ; similar to an asiago. This cheese is a bit sharp and very tasty.


BK Caramels: a sweet for your sweetie on the night of the prom! In all kinds of flavors such as  green apple, pomegranate, chocolate salt, sea salt, and soft.




One thought on “Delicious Prom Party Food

  1. Janet’s enthusiasm and knowledge about food makes the visit to cafe fleur a relaxing and fun experience. Either eating in the cafe or lounging in the patio area it’s where everyone is being seen! Don’t miss Saturday mornings for extra special goodies!

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