Prom Flowers


It is that time of year: boutonnieres, nosegays, and corsages! 


Nosegays are currently trending for the gals, while boutonnieres have stayed popular for the boys. Traditionally prom flowers are made of full scented flowers because back in the day, there was a lack of hygiene. The ladies wanted something nice to smell. Now a days, any flower can be used but long lasting is most important. 


It is best to order in advance (a couple days) so we can set aside the best flowers or order special ones for you. Make sure you put your nosegay in a vase of water when you get home. 


Garden roses, standard roses, ranunculus, lithianthus, pink sweet peas pictured in this deluxe nosegay.


Steph and Andrey are ready for the VFF prom! Thanks to Steph for talking about prom flowers and being a good sport about the photos.




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