Fresh Cut Spring Flowers

Fresh cut flowers make a great addition to your home or as a beautiful gift. At Valley Forge Flowers, we can make you a nice wrap of fresh cut flowers. It is nice especially if you want to use your own vase or if you are trying to save money. The flowers look beautiful wrapped up and then tied with a bow. We use a VFF custom bow or for an extra dollar you can choose a different ribbon.

Pictured here is a fresh early spring mix with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. It is also a great Easter gift!

When you bring your flowers home, remove the water tubes and place in a vase with room temperature or cold water. You are all Done! There is no trouble trying to position everything- it looks great.

People are always trying to make these beauties last longer. Our advice is to change the water in the vase and to snip the stems of flowers more frequently. Always cut flowers at a harsh angle- it allows them to drink more. You can use flower food if you like, it depends on your preference.

You can also place your flowers in a darker or shaded room with less sun to make them last longer. The more sun, the faster the flowers will open which will make them also die faster.


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