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As the first week with Janet, we decided to do an all over food discussion. Something for everyone, any day, and of course be delicious!

Basil Vinaigrette and Marinade by Aspen Cornucopia

*Gluten Free

*Good for Kids and Adults

*Extremely Versatile

*Unique to VFF

Right off the get go, everyone raves about this product. It comes from a small sweet basil farm outside of Aspen, Colorado. This dressing tastes fresh and flavorful; you will want to put it on anything and everything. It is great on salads, especially, tomatoes and mozzarella, seafood, cheese, all kinds of sandwiches, chicken, and vegetables. We recommend stirring it into your tomato soup or drizzling it on white pizza for extra zest. This marinade also is great tossed into food before serving, such as pasta or fish. This product has so much flavor, that you only need to use a small amount to get a huge WOW out of your guests. Just enjoy!

Skillet Spreads and Sauces

*Kid Friendly

*Multi Purpose

*Great Flavors

Developed by a catering company in San Francisco, there are five unique flavors all of which are either bacon or pumpkin based. The spreads are both bacon based and contain real bacon, caramelized onion, brown sugar and vinegar: Original Bacon Spread (bacon barbeque flavor) and Fennel and Black Pepper (spicier kick). Both Bacon Spreads are a great bacon substitute for anything you would eat with bacon..scrambled eggs, omelets, BLT, turkey sandwiches, on top of a burger with melted cheese, sautéed into brussel sprouts or any green vegetable! Also, put a dollop on a croustade and bake in the oven with your favorite cheddar, goat or parmesan cheese for a delicious hors d’oeuvre. Mix with cream cheese or goat cheese for a delicious cheese spread or stir into mashed or baked potatoes!!

The pumpkin flavors are as follows: Brown Sugar and Apple Vinegar, Thai Coconut, Chipotle Pumpkin. All of these can be used the same way but each one has a distinct flavor. We suggest using the all of these sauces turkey, chicken, fish, rice, or potatoes. The pumpkin base makes it much healthier than most sauces and gravies. The Brown Sugar sauce is best used with turkey, chicken or fish either by browning it on the top at the end of cooking, or as a warm condiment. Thai Coconut is similar to a Thai Curry Sauce but it is much healthier since it has no cream. Use it in any stir fry, as a dip for your favorite skewers, spring rolls or Asian dumplings. Tthe Chipotle has a great smoky flavor that can be used in place of a barbeque sauce or as a kick to your favorite chili. Stir it into sautéed chicken or beef and make a delicious fajita or taco. You can also add any of the pumpkin sauces to cream cheese-goat cheese mixture and roll up in nuts for home made cheese balls.


Crackers by Polka Dot Bake Shop

*All Natural and No Preservatives

*Dairy Free

*Snack Food

*Comes in Gluten Free

These yummy crackers from Charlotte, North Carolina come in two flavors, The Original (Sweet Potato) and Cracked Black Pepper. Both flavors have no preservatives, are dairy free, and use real potatoes. The Cracked Black Pepper is also gluten free. These little discs go great with cheddar cheese, any dip or as a healthy snack instead of regular potato chips. Sweet potatoes are a hot trend in the food industry, and are unique to VFF.

And last but not least….

Gourmet Popcorn by Too Haute Cowgirls

*Party Gift

*Sweet Snack

*Unique to VFF

Yee Haw! These popcorns are packed with fresh ingredients and come in four mouth watering flavors: Blisters on my Buttercrunch (mixed nuts and buttery caramel), Chili Con Chocolate (caramel corn drenched in rich dark chocolate, toasted with pecans and dusted with chili seasoning), Mutton Bustin’ Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate caramel corn mixed with hand made peanut brittle, toasted nuts and drizzled with white chocolate), and Fist Full of Fleur de Sel (dark chocolate drenched topped with hand made toffee and dusted with Fleur de Sel).

Fleur de Sel is a common trend in all the top chocolate shops right now, it is a flowering salt which compliments the sweet nature of chocolate.

Giddy up and lasso one of these treats today, you’ll be a hit at your next party!

Next week we will be talking about St. Patrick’s Day and how to incorporate some of VFF’s wonderful unique condiments and cheeses at your “Blarney celebration!”!


Tell us your thoughts!

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